The MFC MC is NOT an outlaw or 1% motorcycle club and is NOT affiliated with any other motorcycle club.


Welcome to the Palm Beach Chapter of the MFC Florida Motorcycle Club.  Like most folks you are probably looking for information on who we are and what we stand for, either because of an interest in membership or because you saw us somewhere and wanted to find out what MFC stands for.

We are Proud Americans
Defenders of the Country at Home and Abroad

The MFC MC is NOT an outlaw or 1% motorcycle club.

Because the MFC has Members that are law enforcement with arrest powers and military officers with security clearances, we must maintain the highest standards of conduct. Our Members are held to account for their actions and we actively strive to hold the trust and respect of our communities. Participation in any organization that recruits or maintains members who endorse or promote criminal activity is prohibited by our By Laws.

Who are we?

We are independent, proud, and seek no conflict with other clubs. We support those that support us.

We are intensely patriotic Americans who believe in the principles that this country was founded on and the rule of law in America.

We are about brotherhood, camaraderie, public service and enjoying our shared love of motorcycles.

Why be secretive about a name?

Well the name “MFC” wasn’t intended to be secret but simply an abbreviation. Well that led to all kinds of speculation and some pretty colorful guesses. But as much fun as we have with those, it simply stands for

Military – Firefighters – Cops

At our core, we are a fraternal motorcycle club. Part of a brotherhood that respects and honors those who have served this great country both at home and abroad. Wearing our colors is a rite of passage, a journey that includes earning the respect of our members and the community at large. All Members of the MFC are expected to maintain the highest standards of character and integrity as they represent the Club in everything they do. This is at the heart of what that MFC sewn to our vests stands for.

What is the meaning of your Club Colors?

Our Club Colors represent common elements of our Member service organizations and the bonds that tie us together as Brothers and Sisters. The center patch contains
The Shield, a universal symbol used by the military, law enforcement and firefighters/EMS as an emblem of our service. The Black Slash represents the black banner we all wear on our shields when a Brother or Sister has given their life in the defense of the country and it’s people. The Red Field represents the blood of those who have sacrificed all in the name of freedom. The Lightning Bolts represent the swift and sure response in defense of our Brothers and Sisters in time of need. The Skull is the universal symbol of bikers and it’s prominence represents the common bond of our shared passion for riding motorcycles. The Banner at the base of the shield is written in Latin “Libertas Vel Mors” and states our core belief –“Freedom or Death”

The MFC does not claim territory by displaying a lower rocker on our Colors. Our lower rocker designates only the state in which the Chapter is located. The lower rocker will never indicate that we encroach on the rights or freedoms of others.

Why was the MFC formed?

The two founding members of the MFC were formerly members of a club open only to active or retired law enforcement officers who ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles. After several years of turning away potential members because they didn’t meet the strict membership requirements, they decided a new club was needed to fill the void and the MFC was born.

The MFC has a broader vision and wants to attract members who are or have served the country not only in law enforcement, but also active or retired members of the military and fire/rescue/EMS organizations.

While the Club primarily endorses American made products, members can ride any make of motorcycle they choose, as long as they are cruiser or touring style bikes.

Can I join if I have never served in the military, law enforcement or fire rescue services?

The Club also recruits those who have worked in a support capacity to those organizations. We recognize the contribution of all people who stand in defense of America. The people who make it all happen, the mechanics, clerks, radio and computer techs, physicians, nurses, truck drivers and many other professions.

We also offer membership to persons who have never served, but have demonstrated outstanding citizenship while showing strong support for the MFC and its service branches. We call these members Civilian Patriots and we are proud to have them within our ranks.

Finally we offer Associate memberships to those who want to support the MFC in its mission, but don’t qualify under one or more provisions of a regular member.

What Does the MFC Do?

Foremost the MFC is about the love of riding motorcycles. But unlike solo riding, being part of the MFC means enjoying that ride experience with the same brotherhood and camaraderie we have known during our service to the country.

Beyond that the MFC participates in

Hosting fund raising events for charity
Club destination rides to special events or locations
Charity rides that benefit or support our service branches or worthy causes
Funeral Escorts
Member only social events and competitions
Specialized skill and group rider training

The MFC is a non-profit organization. We always strive to present a positive image of our Club and the contributions of our members in defending, building and improving our communities.

We are veterans, active duty military, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical services, those who serve in support to those organizations and civilian patriots.

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