​Palm Beach Chapter Officers


Original charter member and president of the Palm Beach Chapter since 2013. Drift has 33 years of law enforcement experience and is currently employed with a local law enforcement agency.

Vice President-Gunz

Member since 2013. Gunz is an Army veteran with over 25 years of law enforcement experience. He is employed with a local agency.

Treasurer-Road Doc

Original charter member and treasurer of the Palm Beach Chapter since 2013. Road Doc has over 30 years of EMS/Fire Rescue experience. He currently employed with a local agency.


Civilian Patriot, member since 2014. 

Sergeant at Arms-Smitty

Law Enforcement

Road Captains

Cowboy-Civilian Patriot


Media Officer-Gemz

Law Enforcement, member since 2013.

Law Enforcement

The MFC MC is NOT an outlaw or 1% motorcycle club and is NOT affiliated with any other motorcycle club.